Are the Birds Nesting in Your Hair?

Sin's consequences have ripple effect and often unintended innocent victims. It is up to us to make wise choices, do not dwell on thoughts that will lead to actions that ultimately will claim the lives of the ones we love the most.

by Sara Burton on January 17, 2022

Joshua 7:20 "and Achan answered Joshua, and said, "Indeed I have sinned against the Lord God of Israel".

We find in this passage the sad story of Achan and his greed that sorely affected his entire family. After Achan confessed to stealing the loot from Jericho he and his fine family were stoned to death. You say, even the little innocent children? Yes, parental sin always does damage to the children. Just ask any elementary school teacher about her/his children. They all have sad stories to tell about the heartaches of the children because Mama or Daddy chose to do wrong. Recently, I interviewed two high schoolers about their thoughts of alcoholism. Are there any positive effects of alcohol usage in a family? Not a one. This goes for all bad things from cursing, to low finances, to dirty clothes, to whippings, to hunger, and the like. As a nurse, I have taken care of folks who died from alcoholism. It is never a pretty picture - no crystal wine glass in their hand. No glamour, no fine jewelry around their neck, usually only a few friends and family will visit them before an untimely death. So sad, an yet so preventable. You say, "Well, I have to sin; it's my nature". Achan didn't have to be controlled by his sin and you don't either. For 100 bonus points, what does the following statement mean? "You can't keep the bird from flying over your head, but you can keep him from building a nest in your hair". Think about it. There are many thoughts that fly through my brain, but I don't dwell on them. If you dwell on them and allow the nest to be built, you are ready for the fall. The kids laugh at we when I share with them that every time I see one of those security tags on an expensive garment. I think "I wonder if I could get away with taking that - just to see if I could". Then I quickly say "Silly girl, that's wrong!" and I go my way. The bank robber first thinks about how he could use the extra money, then he sits and plans the deed and does it. Don't be Achan! Selfishness always brings heartache.

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