God's CT Scan

Some health issues are easy to spot, while others are hidden so well, we don't even know it is there. Doctors relay on powerful machines that can "see through" us reveal what is wrong. They then make a plan on action and start treatment. Unconfessed sins are just like those spots, it leads to deep hurts, separation from loved ones, loneliness, depression, and much more. Take a step towards healing, confess your sins to God and He will make you whole.

by Sara Burton on April 05, 2022

Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart, O Lord".

Have you ever stopped to think about God's ability to see through us? Oh, yes, right straight through us. I call it God's CT scan! Many of you have had some kind of x-ray scan of your body. It could be an ultrasound, MRI, CT, or any of the others I can't even pronounce not to even spell! But the bottom line is these tests show up what is inside of our bodies. They can show a tumor, a break, a bleeding vessel, a blocked tube, a baby, a foreign object imbedded deeply in the tissue, a torn ligament, or most anything. I remember taking care of a lady who had accidentally sat down on a needle in her pin cushion. The needle showed up on the x-ray. We were so amused at seeing the needle in her cheek!  It had to be surgically removed. When God evaluates our inner self, wonder what He sees? He finds unconfessed sins of all kinds. Some we may try to hide from others while others are really hidden from us. Don't allow the thread of sin to turn into a cord and then into a rope and finally a chain to bind us to it. God wants us to regret our sins, then repent of them and next rejoice in His forgiveness and finally release the memory of them to Him. Will you do that just now? Bow your head and close your eyes from this weary world and ask His total and deep cleansing of your sin. Isaiah begged God to wash him whiter than snow. We all know that sad story of David and Bathsheba and their affair. The death of that little baby she had was a terrible thing but God forgave them and called David "A man after God's heart". One sin is no worse than another - God hates them all. KEEP A SHORT ACCOUNT WITH GOD!

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