Healing Faith

How far would you go to help someone who has personally hurt you? Would you go to great lengths to help him or her to get the cure she or she desperately needs? Would this person listen to your advice or be to prideful to accept your help? Naaman learned that had to set his pride aside in order to be healed.

by Sara Burton on December 14, 2021

II Kings 5:2 "A little maid; and she waited on Naaman's wife"

Here is the story of a little girl kidnapped from her Jewish home in the land of Israel. She was in a foreign country among people with very different customs and speaking another language. She could have pouted and pitched several fits as our children would probably do today, but she didn't. She decided to make the best of a bad situation. How many people today decide to make everyone around them miserable because they choose to be miserable themselves?  Happiness is a decision we all can make. It's a inside job! This little servant girl came to love her mistress and wanted to help her sick husband. You see, Naaman had the dreaded disease, leprosy. That is just as bad as AIDS today. "Outcast! Get away from me!" Back then they didn't know what caused it, and quite frequently it was referred to as the sin disease. There was no cure and the victims had to be isolated from their families and communities. This little girl wanted this family back together again. She had two choices: she could keep her mouth shut, or she could tell them about a cure. I think most of us would have thought "It serves you right!  You kidnapped me, just suffer!" But she choose to tell them about the man of God. People all around us are suffering from sin. Do we chose to tell them about the cure? She told her mistress to send him to Elisha for cure. Oh, the word was passed right along quickly. Naaman packed up his servants and headed to Elisha expecting to be healed. When he arrived, Elisha didn't even come to the door. He sent his servant to greet Naaman. He was told to go dip himself completely into the Jordan river seven times. "What? Me? The great Naaman? Oh no! Not in the muddy Jordan river!" He was livid and stomped away from the door. His servants had great influence on him because they were able to calm him down and talk some sense into him. After all, he had come this far. Go and do what the man of God told you to do. He finally obeyed and was surprisingly healed of the dreaded disease. Obedience is the precious key once again. Do you have the dreaded disease called stubbornness? If so, go to God and "get healed".

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