Help Those Below Us? When?

Appreciation is a balm for the soul and so is sincere concern. As believers we are taught to love one another and take care of one another. The centurion in Luke 7:2 certainly showed how much he valued his servant. What lessons can we learn from him?

by Sara Burton on October 11, 2023

Look at Luke 7:2 "There, a centurion's servant, whom his master valued highly, was sick and about to die".

Here Luke tell us of a time when Jesus was teaching and healing that a soldier came to Him on behalf of one of his servants. This servant was valued greatly by the master but I wonder if there was a friendship with him. Was he valued because of the work he could do or just because he was a friend? We don't know  why the soldier wanted Jesus to help his servant. If you are a supervisor or leader, how do you care for the people "under" you? Are they just another aggravation to your day? Do you know about their family situations? Regardless of their specific responsibilities to you, you should care for them. We all have had to work with people we really would not invite to our birthday party, but cared enough to be pleasant to them while at work. Do these people "under" you see the compassion in your eyes for them and the stresses that they have? I worked with a dear friend one time whose boss had decided my friend should be fired. She gave my friend an assignment that was truly impossible to achieve in the time limit given. My friend was "set up" for failure. When my friend could not complete the task, she was fired for failing to do her work on time. All of us who knew my friend knew she worked harder than any of us all the time, but we could do nothing to stop the firing. My friend chose to take the high road and leave gracefully. It was a hurtful thing but she came out better in the end. Back to the story in Luke. I want to encourage each of you to be really concerned for the people you work with; look for the things they do well and compliment them. Rejoice with them on a daily basis. Share your lunch with them as well as your love. Their family should be important to you. You know a happy employee is a better employee! Surveys tell us that employees will work for less money if given appreciation and praise. Now, that is not to say, you can reduce their pay, but just be open to their good jobs! The same is true for children under us. We must look like giants to small children. Take a minute to stoop down and talk with them at eye level. Help them learn new skills and give true praise when earned. Don't believe that self-esteem mess of today. We all know in our hearts when we have done a good or a poor job. Nobody needs to tell us but it sure does sound like music in our ears when we are given a valid compliment. And don't think for a moment that kids don't know when they have done a sorry job! I think the real reason bosses don't want to become involved with their employee's lives is they just don't want to be bothered! It will either take time or money or both to be a part of their outside life. Open your heart to others and you will be blessed.

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