What's in your pantry? Part A

A pantry is to be filled with wholesome and nutritious foods that will feed our family and keep everyone healthy. The same goes for our hearts. It should be filled with healthy thoughts, emotions, and attitudes that will keep us emotionally and spiritually healthy. What is in your heart?

by Sara Burton on July 08, 2021

Ecclesiastes 9:10 "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might".

When Jason was in Mrs. Hallman's kindergarten class many years ago, she taught the children this verse. It has been such a favorite verse of mine ever since! I used it with all of our children, with all of my students and with ME! If it is vacuuming the floor, or washing dishes or doing homework, do it to the best for Jesus sake. It makes me think of what's in my pantry... Not my kitchen one but the one in my heart. Let me describe what might be in section A. On the top shelf may be the blame game... you tend to blame everyone else for your life when it is really your choices that have put you there. It is nobody's fault but yours. Please, don't allow this game in your family's pantry. It only brings sorrow and regret. Your personal problems may be on the next shelf. That's the way that I am or I'm like that because of my upbringing. Yes, your past will make a impression on your life, but you can remold your thinking through allowing the Holy Spirit to renew your mind. Pitch that one in the trash. Your attitude is the arsenic hidden on the bottom shelf. It's how you view everything that comes into your life. In illness or good health- have an attitude of victory. Job or no not; make the best of it. No meat to cook, then make pancakes! Take a bath and wash your hair-your will feel better. Be thankful you have hair to wash! Paul says in Ephesians to "give thanks in all things". Your attitude is the only thing your can control in this old world! Use it for good. A foul mouth should be washed with bleach! Not really, don't put bleach in your mouth, but allow God's "bleach" to clean it up. You know when you open the refrigerator door and smell something you may not be sure what it is but you know something in there has gone bad! When I hear a person with foul words, something is bad down in their hearts. Get rid of it! A critical spirit is a terrible thing to have in your pantry. Nothing is ever right or good. Oh, don't you hate being around someone like that. The criticism just spews out like hot lava. I fell so sad for children who live in that situation. And then to come to school and have a critical teacher is even worse. Yes, wrongs need to be corrected but do it in love. I NEVER put a red mark on any child's paper. NEVER! Just the sight of a red mark breaks my heart. I used green or purple but never that color. You sit down and think what other bad things are hidden in your pantry. Clean it out and mean it!

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